Area 91



The committee will consist of five members, including one current table officer and four current district development committee members (DCMs). The chairperson of the assembly is also a non-voting member of the committee. The committee is responsible to the Provincial Assembly.

The chairperson of the committee will be a table officer.

The members of the committee will be selected at the January DCM meeting and appointed by motion at the Spring Assembly. The chairperson of the assembly has the right to appoint interim members if a vacancy occurs on the committee.


The committee will meet at assemblies and at the January DCM meeting to approve proposals for funding within their approved budget.

They will reply in writing to all proposals regarding the amount of approved funding, as well as changes, if any were made to the submitted proposals, and they will give reasons for rejection if a proposal was rejected.

They will gather information on available resource materials and people to carry out workshops


Proposals will be submitted to all committee members one month prior to committee meetings.

All proposals will include:

  • purpose of the workshop
  • activities to be carried out
  • costs (broken down by activity eg travel, meals, literature, meeting place, rental fees, etc)
  • dates
  • location

Priority will be given to District workshops on service - such as structure, traditions, concepts, and the roles of the positions within the service structure.

Resource people for workshops should have experience in service and have some proven history in conducting seminars. ie DCM's, table officers, delegates, and trustees.

The committee would approve funds for Public Information workshops as a second priority, if funds are available.

As a third priority, the committee would approve travel for a General Service Representative (GSR) or a group member, if a group is very isolated and has never attended an assembly previously, or has not been to an assembly for at least five years. Factors to be considered prior to approval would include:

  • available group funds
  • available district funds
  • past service people within the group / district that would be available for workshops for the group, and that the GSR would inspire the group, etc to follow the seventh tradition

For more information contact the District Development Committee