Our Twelfth Step — carrying the message — is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence. Therefore, A.A. is more than a set of principles; it is a society of alcoholics in action. We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who haven’t been given the truth may die.

(from A.A.’s Legacy of Service by Bill W.)

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Update: As of January 1, 2017, Area 91 implemented a new Committee System with the creation of five new committees and chairpersons.

Position Name
Delegate Lori R.
Alternate Delegate/Remote Communities Chair
Gordon W.
Chair Garry S.
Secretary Martine P.
Treasurer Lesley W.
Group Records/ Registration Chair Janet T.
Treatment and Accessibilities Chair Archie A.
Corrections Chair Jason W.
Archives Chair Al K.
Web Servant Lynn G.
Cooperation with Professional Community Chair Janet T.
Grapevine Chair Zena B.
Literature Chair Susanne W.
Public Information Chair Janice F.
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