Delegate's Fund Guidelines

Eligible expenses include telephone and fax, photocopying, postage, office supplies, and stationery. In addition, when a Delegate’s expenses are not fully reimbursed by the hosting District (or other AA body), then the Delegate may claim the remaining expenses from the Area Delegate fund. It is the responsibility of the Delegate to be financially prudent, while at the same time being highly visible and available to the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous in Saskatchewan. Activities Include: CONFERENCE REPORTS The delegate reports to each district once a year following the April General Service Conference. PRESENTATIONS The delegate may accept an invitation to visit a district meeting to present or participate in matters pertaining to “general service”. WORKSHOPS The delegate may accept an invitation by an district or group to facilitate or participate in a workshop that deals with the Conference or “general service”. ROUNDUPS The delegate is encouraged to attend one Roundup in each “quarter” of Saskatchewan (i.e. NE, NW, SE, SW) each year. If possible, the delegate might introduce themselves and talk a bit about the “service job” and about the Conference. If given the time, they may also give a presentation on “general service” or Conference issues. OTHER SERVICE FUNCTIONS The delegate may claim expenses from the Delegate Fund to attend other service functions such as our Regional Forum, WRAASA, or out-of-province Assemblies or service functions, prior consultation with the Area will take place whenever possible, and a report on the activities will be provided at the next Area Committee Meeting or Assembly, along with a financial accounting. For more information contact the Area Delegate by using the form on this page.
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