Area 91



The area corrections coordinator is elected at Fall Assembly for a 2 year term.. It is suggested that the coordinate have 3-5 years sobriety.

The area corrections coordinator has vote only on matters pertaining to corrections.



The area corrections coordinator is responsible to the Assembly and reports to each assembly and to the Friday night DCM meeting prior to the spring and fall assemblies.

The coordinator will develop a list of AA Corrections contact who are in each district and provide the list to all DCM's.

The coordinator will provide a list of persons, working in corrections, who are contact for clearance.

The coordinator will send a copy of clearance requirements and procedures for provincial and federal institutions to each DCM. Upon request, the coordinator will also send clearance forms.

The coordinator will visit each district, when requested, to supply or exchange information. The inviting district covers the expenses of the coordinator.

The coordinator will receive Corrections correspondence from GSO.



Expenses of the area corrections coordinator to attend the spring and fall assemblies will be covered by Assembly.

Funds from "pink cans", earmarked for conference-approved literature, are sent to the Area Treasurer. Applications for literature funds are made to the Area Corrections Coordinator.

Download the  Federal Corrections Volunteer form

For more information contact the  Area Corrections Co-ordinator