Area 91



Remote Communities Committee at Area 91 level whose mandate is to deal with rural and geographically remote communities as well as communities and people isolated from mainstream by reason of culture, language or disability. This is in recognition that significant gaps exist and that such communities need extra help.

Definition of a Remote Community:  Any community where it is difficult to carry the A.A.  message because of language, culture, geography, or life condition.


  • The committee will meet at Area Committee Meetings and Area Assemblies, correspondence and updates between Area Committee meetings and assemblies will be through email and/or conference calls and/or teleconference calls
  • Minutes will be taken at each meeting; these minutes will be presented at the Area 91 Assembly when requested and will remain on electronic file for at least five years with the Committee Chair, at that time the committee chair will turn the minutes over to Area 91 Archives.
  • Cooperate with other Area 91 committees to enhance, but also reduce duplication of efforts to reach the remote communities
  • District Development Committee members as defined in the District Development Committee Guidelines will administer the District Development Fund, and report to the Remote Communities Committee members as to when an application is approved.


1.    The committee will consist of two categories:

  • Category One - The committee chair, which will be the current Alternate Delegate, and four current district committee members (DCM) that will be drawn from the hat at the first Area Committee Meeting of the service term.
  • Category Two – General Service Representatives (GSR) from the Assembly body present at the first assembly of the service term, as each GSR and Alternate GSR register they will be assigned to a Area 91 committee and will stay on the committee for the Area 91 election term
  • Other attending members at the remote committee meetings will provide input into the committee but will be non-voting

2.    The committee is responsible to the Area Assembly.

For more information contact the Remote Communities Committee Chair