Area 91


This form should be completed by the District Committe Member or the group's General Service Representative and sent directly to the Area 91 Registrar at:

The General Service Office addresses on the form should not be used. GSO has requested that area registrars complete this task now that they have been given online access to the FNV software. Thank you.

Please Click on this Link to Download the Group Change Form

Area 91 is currently looking for a member to serve as Area 91 Registrar

Qualifications include:

·         Five or Six years of continuous sobriety.

·         Several years of active experience in Area 91 affairs.

·         Must have served a term as Delegate or DCM in Area 91 and not currently serving in any other position.

·         This position will require computer and data entry experience.

·         Thorough familiarity with the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, the 12 Concepts, the A.A. Service Manual and A.A. Comes of Age.

·         Be open minded and able to listen and communicate well.

Duties and Responsibilities include:

·         Maintains Group Information, Group Change Forms, Area 91 Confidential List, and updates the GSO Group information system.

·         Prepare the Area 91 Meeting List Directory for distribution when requested by the Area. Receive up to date Group, District and Table Officer Information gleaned from Area officers and format it such that a reputable, cost effective printer can produce the Area Directory. Work with the printer so that the Area 91 Meeting List Directory is available for sale at the first Spring Assembly of the term. Be responsible for the sale and accounting for the Directories for the remainder of the term.   Any monies collected from the sale of the Meeting list directories are to be given to the Area 91 treasurer for deposit.

Please submit your interest to: